Basic Installation

Installing with MAMP/XAMPP

Most Mac users will probably try GenIE-Sys with MAMP/LAMP.

Installing MAMP is just a matter of downloading the app from the MAMP website and running the installer. It will install a MAMP app in your Applications folder.

By starting the MAMP app you are also starting your Apache and MySQL server. You should now be able to reach your local server at http://localhost:8888.

By default, MAMP uses port 8888 for Apache and port 8889 for MySQL. It is convenient to change the MySQL and Apache ports to 3306 and 80 respectively to use default MySQL and Apache ports.

Download GenIE-Sys

Copy GenIE-Sys to MAMP Web server

You will find the source of GenIE-Sys in your download folder. So you just need to Copy GenIE-Sys folder into corresponding ~/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/ folder.

That is basically what you need to do in order to install GenIE-Sys on your Mac’s local server. You should now be able to access it at: http://localhost:[port number]/geniesys in your browser. Now you can see the essential website up and running. However to configure it correctly please update the configuration file as described in the next section.

Configuration file

We should update the settings file(geniesys/plugins/settings.php) right after the installtion. Especially the base URL depending on your webhost. For example:

/*Define your base url with trailing slash*/
$GLOBALS["base_url"]='http://localhost:[port number]/geniesys/';


$GLOBALS["base_url"]='http://localhost:[port number]';

Next, we need to create a MySQL database and load our data.


Manual updates

GenIE-Sys can be updated manually using latest ZIP file from GitHub. Please backup your older version of geniesys/plugins/settings.php and geniesys/genie_files before you do the latest update. First unzip the file from your download folder and move into the Web Server server. Finally copy the geniesys/plugins/settings.php and geniesys/genie_files into latest version of GenIE-Sys.

Updates using Git

Here is the easy way to update GenIE-Sys using git submodules:

cd geniesys
git checkout master
git pull
git submodule foreach --recursive git checkout master
git submodule foreach --recursive git pull